Profiles tab

The Profiles tab deals with user profiles. Profiles allow you to present user information on the front end, including selected contact details and feeds of topics and comments.

Enable profiles
Select to enable user profiles.

Profiles tabs
Select which tabs to display:

  • Profile – will display selected information about the user, e.g. name and website URL
  • Topics started – will display a list of all topics started by the user
  • Replies – will display a list of all replies to topics made by the user
  • Following – will display a list of all topics followed by the user (if enabled on Followers tab)

Profiles fields
A list of fields to display on the user’s Profile page

Profile URL
Select this option to display a link to the user’s profile page instead of the user’s website URL in the comments field.

Can’t see the profiles page?

Some themes have their own filter set to use a custom author.php template. If you can’t see the Discussion Board profiles page, do a search in your theme files for author_template. If you find this being used within add_filter, you’ll need to remove the filter. For example, in your theme files you see this:

add_filter( 'author_template', 'theme_prefix_author_template' );

You will need to add in the file you use for custom functions, or in your child theme’s functions.php file, the following:

remove_filter( 'author_template', 'theme_prefix_author_template' );

Remember to update theme_prefix_author_template with the specific name of the function that your theme is using.

Change order of profile fields

You can change the order of profile fields using the following filter in your functions.php file:

function prefix_filter_profile_fields( $fields ){
  // Enter your new fields order here
  return $fields;
add_filter( 'ctdb_profile_fields', 'prefix_filter_profile_fields' );

The $fields list looks like:

$fields = array( 
 'display_name' => array(
 'id' => 'display_name',
 'label' => __( 'Display name', 'discussion-board-pro' ),
 'callback' => ''
 'first_name' => array(
 'id' => 'first_name',
 'label' => __( 'First name', 'discussion-board-pro' ),
 'callback' => ''
 'last_name' => array(
 'id' => 'last_name',
 'label' => __( 'Last name', 'discussion-board-pro' ),
 'callback' => ''
 'user_url' => array(
 'id' => 'user_url',
 'label' => __( 'Website', 'discussion-board-pro' ),
 'callback' => ''
 'description' => array(
 'id' => 'description',
 'label' => __( 'Bio', 'discussion-board-pro' ),
 'callback' => ''
 'user_registered' => array(
 'id' => 'user_registered',
 'label' => __( 'Member since', 'discussion-board-pro' ),
 'callback' => ''
 'topics_posted' => array(
 'id' => 'topics_posted',
 'label' => __( 'Topics posted', 'discussion-board-pro' ),
 'callback' => ''
 'replies' => array(
 'id' => 'replies',
 'label' => __( 'Replies', 'discussion-board-pro' ),
 'callback' => ''
 'last_active' => array(
 'id' => 'last_active',
 'label' => __( 'Last active', 'discussion-board-pro' ),
 'callback' => ''

Reorder it as you wish.