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The Best Elementor Forum Plugin

Have you ever wondered how you can add a forum or a discussion board to your WordPress and Elementor website? In this article we will show you how using the best Elementor forum plugin, WP Discussion Board.

The best thing about a forum is that it can serve several purposes, such as support forums, dating sites, sports clubs, and question-and-answer websites, and almost any type of group activity.  

You probably know that a common aspect that reflects the success of a WP site is the overall level of user engagement on it. Keep in mind that the more a user or customer stays engaged on your WordPress website due to its features or valuable information, the more valuable it becomes for search engines, such as Google and Bing. 

There is no doubt that one of the best and simplest ways to promote higher user engagement on your website is to make your users interact with each other more through a discussion board or forum. Well, it is no secret that making a WordPress site is super-easy. 

And creating an online discussion forum or board on WordPress is quite simple. You just have to install a plugin, such as WP Discussion Board. And when you combine WP Discussion Board with Elementor, you get the best of both worlds.

A Word on Elementor

You may have heard of Elementor. It is a convenient drag-and-drop page builder plugin for WordPress. The best thing about Elementor is that it lets you create original-looking and unique posts and pages that are pretty different from the standard post or page templates that usually come with the WordPress theme. Did you know that Elementor has a massive community of web designers and enthusiasts?

This is why anyone can get free support and guidance from the Elementor communities developed on different channels. This plugin helps you develop beautiful and engaging pages using a convenient visual editor. It is designed for you to easily build dynamic sites quickly.

Using WP Discussion Board

There is no doubt that WP Discussion Board is an incredible and powerful WordPress discussion plugin. Did you know that it’s a perfect solution for adding a message board, discussion board, and question-answer WP support forum? It especially serves well as an Elementor forum plugin. It is worth noting that the plugin also adds a new post type, letting you add both front-end registration and a login form.  This allows your website users to post questions and reply or respond to the topics or issues posted by others.

This is why job boards, technical forums, school websites, and e-commerce sites will find WP Discussion Board useful in adding a valuable and helpful forum or message board to their site. As soon as you activate this fantastic plugin, it automatically creates pages and inserts shortcodes in order to have a working forum attached to your site. 

And unlike other plugins on the market, WP Discussion Board has many options. These options allow you to assign user roles. For example, keep in mind that you can decide who gets to access your discussion board and has permission to view comments and post comments. 

Did you know that WP Discussion Board allows you to permit users to easily log in and then register on the front-end? This helps cut down on spam by requiring all new users on the platform to click on a link on their email in order to complete the registration process. And to further control spam, it is possible to use the anti-spam fields in your registration forms. 

Installing and Using Elementor

You can install Elementor to simplify the WordPress website building and design process significantly. Sometimes, WordPress can seem like an intimidating tool and too complex to use all on your own. But don’t worry, with visual website builders, such as Elementor and WP Discussion Board, you can create your website efficiently, quickly, and comfortably.

To install Elementor in your WordPress dashboard, you should navigate to Plugins and then click Add New. After that, search for Elementor Website Builder and then click Install. You can click Activate when Elementor has been installed.

Although Elementor is free, depending on the several features that you want, you may also need Elementor Pro in order to take full advantage of Elementor’s impressive capabilities. 

Top Elementor Features

Live Editor: You should know that the front-end editor in Elementor lets you quickly see all your changes live on page while you are customizing your design.

Templates: Elementor also comes with a diverse set of free and premium templates that you may customize in order to design pages instantly.

Widgets and Elements: You can also design unique pages with Elementor using its vast selection of free elements as well as customizable widgets.

You can visit Elementor.com and buy the Pro version of this plugin and install and activate the plugin in the same way as above. 

Once you have installed Elementor Pro, you will have to enter your license by visiting your WordPress dashboard and then navigating to Elementor > License.

WP Discussion Board as an Elementor Forum Plugin Integration

You can use WP Discussion Board shortcodes on Elementor in order to create a forum or a discussion page with Elementor or Elementor Pro. And to fully customize your forum or board with Elementor, you can also use Element Pack pro. 

WP Discussion Board is a very popular and reliable WordPress message board plugin. It is simple, easy to use, intuitive, and should be quite familiar if you are already using WordPress.  If you would like an easy and hassle-free to use and versatile solution, WP Discussion Board is a great first stop. You will find a free version of this plugin, or you may pay for a premium version with better and more features. 

You can install and set up the plugin very easily. Simply download it and activate it in WordPress. This means that you will have a functioning message board on your site in no time. 


Building an online community or forum is an excellent way to build audience engagement for your website. It can help keep your site on a user’s radar and improve SEO. Creating a fully functional and well-designed forum site can be smooth and seamless with Elementor’s unique template kits. You can use WP Discussion Board with the Elementor plugin to create a forum on a WordPress site. 

No coding is required, and you can simply download and install Elementor and WP Discussion Board onto your WordPress website, choose your preferred template kit, and customize.

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