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A Complete WordPress Forum Plugin

You may know that forums are an excellent place to discuss ideas and share valuable information, such as product-related information or community/club interactions. Also, forums are ideal for creating niche communities where anybody can post questions and answers or just have a conversation. Individuals and business owners who would like to add a forum to their site can easily do so with a WordPress forum plugin such as WP Discussion Board. 

Did you know that there are many benefits available to people who want to install an effective discussion forum on their WordPress site? These benefits can also apply to website managers as well as your customers, readers, and anyone else who visits your website.

What is a Plugin?

Essentially, WordPress boasts an extensive library of website add-ons or extensions in the form of plugins. A plugin, such as WP Discussion Board, is a tool that expands what you can do with your WordPress site. 

Did you know that most plugins are independently developed off the WordPress base code? There’s no limit to what you may do with WordPress plugins. 

This is because you will find a plugin for everything from ecommerce and SEO to design features, social media, and security. This also includes plugins for building forums. Also, more and better plugins are being developed continually. This means that your WordPress website has almost limitless possibilities. 

What is a WordPress forum?

We can define a WordPress forum as a section on a WordPress site designated for visitors, such as customers, to talk about your business, product, or other topics. One of the best things about a forum is that it allows you to create a virtual online community. 

You can connect, discuss, and share ideas, supporting each other. Forums may serve as a space for support, customer discussion, social networking, and feedback about your service or product.

Why do You Need a WordPress Forum Plugin?

There are many benefits of using a great WordPress forum plugin, such as WP Discussion Board. These are discussed in the following sections. 

Audience Engagement 

WordPress Forums are an excellent way to encourage and foster interaction among visitors. If you run a business, it is also an ideal platform to receive valuable customer feedback as well as post announcements.  

Did you know that for personal websites and blogs, users often respond well to direct engagement with website authors? As a result, you give your users a sense of community as well as involvement. Also, creating a forum account on your site instills a sense of investment in your visitors or users, which will help keep them coming back.


With forums, users can easily post questions and get guidance and assistance for their queries and concerns without having to reach out to customer support. As a result, a WordPress forum provides a simple and hassle-free platform to offer support to site users or your customers. 

Generate More Traffic

Most WordPress forum plugins are SEO-optimized. This is why they can help your site rank better on various search engines, such as Google and Bing. Also, forums tend to attract active visitors, which is organic web traffic.

There is no doubt that engagement and website traffic go hand-in-hand. So, if users are engaging with website content, you’ll see the results with the number of visitors increasing over time. 

And as expanding your website in any significant way helps increase and boost your online presence, it increases its chances of appearing in searches or on social media and sharing platforms.

Did you know that this is especially relevant for content that’s already community-driven? And that, in turn, can help improve your website’s overall SEO.

Community Building

As users can express their opinions freely and help each other with concerns, WordPress forums help build a sense of community. 


Although increased traffic to your site is a practical result, SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the primary methods for obtaining it. Besides exposure and sharing, note that SEO truly drives a website’s growth and success, especially in the long run.  

Essentially, by adding a forum to your website, you are inviting users, such as customers, to talk about your brand, services, and products for you without actually any input on your part. This means that your visitors are generating content for your website, and this gives it an increased presence in search engines. 

Using WP Discussion Board to Add a Forum 

Are you looking to add a simple and effective forum to your website quickly? If so, Discussion Board is an excellent option for you. You will find a free version of this WordPress forum plugin, or you may pay for a premium version with better and more features. 

You can install and set up the plugin very easily. This means that you will have a functioning forum on your site in no time. Your visitors can easily register and log in using a front-end form. Keep in mind that Discussion Board leverages shortcodes, which can be beneficial for setting up as well as managing the forums. 

WP Discussion Board is ideal for beginners interested in creating simple support forums. The plugin:

  • Is SEO-friendly and optimized to help your web content rank better on various search engines 
  • Has a responsive design, ensuring that the forum fully functions without any issues on any device, such as a tablet 
  • Boasts one click-installation and lets you easily add a forum to your WordPress website without any coding knowledge 

Note that aesthetically, Discussion Board’s forms are simple and minimal. This ensures that the plugin functions with any theme. Also, you can change its colors via the Customizer. And admins can easily place new topic forms, topic lists, and login forms via shortcodes. 

And that is not all; to control spam and abuse, the plugin also lets you set specific limits on how many times a user can re-post, deny or approve new topics. It also allows you to block certain domains and email addresses from creating accounts on your website, which is impressive.


As you can see, adding a discussion forum to your WordPress website can be an easy way to start building a great community and reaching out to all your readers.  

And adding a forum is one of the best and easiest ways to improve your website. With WP Discussion Board, you will encourage increased user engagement which can improve your website’s content, traffic, and overall SEO. 

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