WordPress message board plugin

WordPress Message Board Plugin

If you have a blog or WordPress website, adding an online WordPress message board or forum is an excellent way to foster community and develop and increase visitor loyalty. Keep in mind that a forum is a kind of message board, usually divided into different subjects, where your members can easily post comments and also reply to posts and comments from other members.  

Are you looking for the best and most reliable WordPress plugin in order to create a forum or a message board on your WordPress website? If so, you will need to install a good WordPress forum plugin, such as WP Discussion Board. There is no doubt that discussion boards, message boards, and forums can help you enhance the user engagement on your WordPress website, making it more straightforward for you to develop and promote an online community, which is excellent. 

You will be happy to know that there’s now an ever-growing selection of WordPress message board plugins that you can choose from. However, note that if you are still looking around for the best one, you likely have some questions that may be holding you back. And that makes sense since many of these message board plugins seem to be doing the same thing.

What is a Message Board?

A message board, otherwise called an internet forum or a discussion forum, can be an excellent and straightforward way to grow your business and attract readers to your blog.  

Did you know that community websites are quite popular on the internet for many reasons? It is worth noting that many evolutions and changes took place between the appearance of our first bulletin boards or message boards and the current forums. 

You will be happy to know that it is easy and hassle-free to add a forum or message board to your blog using a number of free or inexpensive tools that provide you with a variety of features and options that you will love.

It is no secret that message boards and forums have become a popular and convenient source of communication as well as discussion on the Internet. This is because they allow users to exchange information or ideas directly. There is no denying that forums and message boards can be an excellent asset for your WordPress site. 

This is because they provide a range of benefits and advantages for your business and users. For example, whether you are providing a service, a product, or just great and engaging content, message boards can offer you a huge number of benefits. 

Types of Message Boards and Forums

As you can imagine, not all message boards and discussion forums are the same, nor do they provide the same benefits. This is why you can implement one kind of forum or message board on your WP website, or depending on the specific nature of your website, a combination of them all. For example, a Q&A forum is excellent in many cases as it allows your users to post their questions, and then you, as the site owner, or an admin that you assign, to share their ideas and thoughts.  

Keep in mind that in the classical Q&A forum, the community manager or host offers customer support and responds to inquiries from customers or users. And this kind of format will help readers or customers in the future who may have the same queries or questions. Also, it will help those just looking for answers on the Internet to easily find your company website or blog.

You should set up and use the message boards early. In an academic environment, some students may be reluctant or hesitate to participate early on; however, keep in mind that hitting the ground running is crucial to setting the pace for your online course. This is why if you would like your students to engage in a meaningful discussion, it is best to start a valuable thread in the first week of class and encourage student participation.

On the other hand, problem-solving message boards and forums allow your users to easily report, track, and then find suitable solutions to issues.  However, note that these are considerably more common with technology-based services and products. 

One of the best things about problem-solving forums and boards is that they help your business as well as users to see the overall scope of the issue or problem. And that is not all; they can offer updates in real-time. You can use an excellent plugin, such as WP Discussion Board, to set up a problem-solving message board.

Tips for Choosing Suitable Topics for Your Message Board

Keep in mind that your website may just need one forum or message board, or it might require multiple forums in order to suit a vast number of user passions and preferences. When choosing message topics, there are some key points that you should keep in mind.  In most cases, everything comes down to your target audience. There’s probably nothing more important or critical to the success of your message board than knowing and understanding your audience.

Also, you should pick topics that are closely connected to what your site has to offer. After all, that is the reason your users are there in the first place. You also want to choose topics and ideas that will interest your users. And this may require some thought and consideration from your side. A topic that is too broad or vague might not build and foster the closely-knit and robust community that you or your users desire. 

On the flip side, a topic that is too narrow might not attract too many people, and you don’t want that. So, you can benefit considerably from starting with a single broad topic and then adding forums or message boards with more specific topics. 

Why Use WP Discussion Board to Add a Message Board to WordPress

WP Discussion Board is a very popular and reliable WordPress message board plugin. It is simple, easy to use, intuitive, and should be quite familiar if you are already using WordPress.  If you would like an easy and hassle-free to use and versatile solution, WP Discussion Board is a great first stop. You will find a free version of this plugin, or you may pay for a premium version with better and more features. 

You can install and set up the plugin very easily. This means that you will have a functioning message board on your site in no time. 


As a website owner, you should never discount the power of the community. It is an incredibly important and influential aspect of life. 

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