WP admin slows way down when PRO is activated



Hi I purchased and enabled the PRO version of the plugin and after i entered my license, the WP backend slowed down about 500%. Every admin page takes like 5-10 seconds to load (even on Localhost).

Disabling the PRO version of the plugin solves the issue.

Could this have something to do with the license server? it seemed to happen after i entered my licenese.



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    Hi Mike

    I've never heard of this happening before. It may just be a temporary problem. What happens if you have the plugin activated but no license key entered?


  • Just tested it. It happens whether or not I have a license activated.

    It definitely only happens when the PRO version is activated.

    In the network panel i tried seeing what was causing the slowdown and it seems that when the plugin is activated, the "Time to First Byte" increases from <1s to 3s when the plugin is activated.

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    Hmm. I don't have an explanation for that. I run the plugin on several sites and have never observed a slowdown and as I mentioned it's not been reported by anyone else.

    The time to first byte increase is curious as that would indicate a server issue rather than something related to a plugin.

    Are you able to test on different sites and ideally servers?

  • I just installed it on a super fast server with fresh WP install with 2017 theme and no plugins and it is happening.

    The load time on the admin screens is increasing from 1.1 seconds without PRO enabled, to 2.7+ seconds with it enabled. No clue whats going on

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    Is it possible for me to take a look at the site as well, ideally from the admin? Could you email me on info (at)catapultthemes.com?