Duplication of Boards and Topics



Hi, we have just purchased the Pro version and are testing it out.  We are using the Divi Theme.  When we create a board and / or topic and place the shortcode in a page we get duplicates (one on top of the other).  So we created a General board and a Tutor board but on the page we get General, Tutor, General, Tutor.  If we post a topic to the board it appears twice.

Please note we are unable to change the theme as the rest of the site uses this.

Hope you can help.

  • Just to let you know, I have changed the theme and the duplication goes away but when I revert back to Divi the duplication comes back. Is there any way to stop this happening when I revert back to Divi?

  • Catapult Themes

    Hi Jan

    I emailed you direct earlier. Could you take a look at the email and get back to me?

    It's really helpful to know that the issue seems to be with Divi. I believe there are known issues with that theme and shortcodes. I'll do some investigation.