Unable to add topics



I am unable to add topics to a board, even thought I’m logged into the site as an admin. We only¬†need one board… so people can set up get togethers.

Whenever I click “Add new topic” I get:

New Topic Edit

You’re not currently permitted to view this content. Please log-in or register in order to view the page.


Can you let me know how to add new topics? By way of reminder, I was unable to install the plugin without 500 errors and you had to do some updates to make it work… could this be related to that?

Just so you know, under the “General” tab I have ALL boxes checked under “Log In and Registration.” (They want users only to have to login/register when they want to add a topic to the Board or reply to it–hence the previous question about placing the login/register fields ONLY in the sidebar of the Board page.)

Also, under the User tab, Permitted viewer roles and Permitted poster roles are set to “Subscriber.”

Thank you!