Setting up Pro



This is almost certainly super-simple, but I’m having trouble setting up Pro. I’ve purchased Pro but I can’t seem to get to use it on my site. It only has the ‘normal’ version. Is there somewhere I can enter the licence key?

  • Hi

    You need to upload and activate the Pro version - you should have received a download link when you purchased.

    Then activate it as you would a normal plugin.


  • Mike Chalmers

    I followed a link and downloaded a folder called 'discussion-board-pro.' Is there something I upload from there?

  • Yes - that's the plugin file. This article will probably help: Scroll down and start from the section titled 'Install a Plugin using the WordPress Admin Plugin Upload'


  • Mike Chalmers

    That's great and makes sense - thanks. The only zip file I can find in the folder though is TGM Example Plugin. 

    Nothing that looks like what I need

  • It sounds like you've unzipped the zip file that you downloaded. You should have a zip file called ''

  • Mike Chalmers

    ok - the folder is all i've got downloaded, no sign of discussion board pro zip.

    i tried again just now from the account page and it downloaded that folder again, no zip. is there another link you can send me?

  • Mike Chalmers

    sorted it! i'm using a mac so i just downloaded using firefox not safari and i have the zip file! sorry for the issue - thanks for all your help