New User registration



I’m having an issue with registering new users – there is no option for new users to register on the login page. is there an extra shortcode i need?

  • When you installed the plugin, it created three pages. One page, 'Log In', contains a combined log-in and registration form (each form has its own tab). Can you see that on the Log In page? Note that you'll need to view this in a browser where you're not logged into the site.

  • Mike Chalmers

    yes they're there but nothing happens when you click on them, like there's no link 'behind' the "log in" and "register" options

  • Thanks. You have several JavaScript errors which are causing the problem. You'll need to identify where those errors are, either in the theme or other plugins. Standard procedure would be to disable all other plugins and switch to a default WP theme, like Twenty Sixteen, then re-enable each plugin one by one. Refresh the page after each one to check if the problem has gone away.