Pre-Sales Questions




  1.  Can the user Edit their post and Edit their replies to comments?  I tested this on your board but the edit button did not seem to work.
  2. How customizable is the statistics?  I want a very, very simplified board with very few statistics about users and how often or how many posts they make.
  3. Can I customize a few details like “TOPIC”?  Can I call it a “Discussion” or something other than a “Topic”?  I am not a programer but I can follow reasonable directions.
  4. Is it possible to move the “Topic” selection to the top of the new post form?  I would prefer the user was able to select where they want to post prior to typing their message.

Thank you for your help.

  • Hi

    1. No, that's not currently possible with the plugin.
    2. You can display as few statistics as you like.
    3. Not by default with this plugin.
    4. You can display the Boards select field at the top of the new topic form.

    Hope that helps