Plugin “breaks” YooTheme Pro



If DiscussionBoard is activate when using the YooTheme Pro, if you try to customise your theme using the YooTheme page builder is refuses to allow any customisation on any page and just gives you a “widgets” dialog.  Any ideas?

  • Hi Anna

    If you switch to a default theme like Twenty Twenty, do you still see an issue?

    If not, then you might need to go back to the theme developers to understand why this is happening.



  • Anna Barrington

    Thanks Gareth,

    But why would the themes developers debug your plugin? I could just get another forum plugin that doesn't break my theme.

    • Yes, understood. But I suppose the question is whether it's the plugin or the theme that's generating the error. Because I've never heard of this happening with another theme. The YooThemes page builder might have some non-standard requirements that only its developers will know.

  • Anna Barrington

    Nah, we've used the theme on countless websites without issue. First time using your plugin, that if I activate, it trashes the back end of the appearance customisation screen. If you can't help, then let me know, I'll make a charge back on the purchase, as I won't be able to use your product.

    • I'm happy to refund you, that's no problem. Please email me here - - with your licence number and I'll issue the refund straightaway.

      But I still think it's worth going back to the theme developer because this probably does happen from time to time and they would likely have a fix. The plugin is active on over 2000 websites and this is the only time I've heard of this problem.