Parent Boards and Child Boards?



I have created parent and child boards but how do I get them to nest like they should? Right now it they have their own short code and are not at all different from their parents. I do not see any parent and child board examples here.

I am looking for a couple of use cases here. First, I want a very traditional forum or BBS. Topics posted in categories and sub-categories. Second, I want to be able to place a board at the bottom of each of my online video courses with child boards for each of the lessons. So the parent board is for the entire course and there is a child board for each lesson in the course, all in once piece.

  • Dave Wolverton

    Really? Then why is there a Parent setting on Boards? Go to the plugin, select Boards, third entry down on the resulting page has a drop-down menu for Parent Board. Under it is the following note: Assign a parent term to create a hierarchy. The term Jazz, for example, would be the parent of Bebop and Big Band.


    • Right - I think that's just standard WordPress wording for taxonomies. I will look into removing that in a future version.



  • Lee Busch

    I have a similar question and am confused by this answer.
    1) On this discussion board, there are 4 main sections (Announcements, Pre-Sales, Support, Playground). They are separate. How have you implemented this? Are they 4 instances of the plugin?
    2) I'd like to use DBPro on a site that will have annual conferences. Each year, the discussions will be different, and accessed by a payment for that year only. How can I break up a DBPro into sections such that people will only have access to the parts they registered for? eg: the 2019 board, not the 2020 board.
    Thank you.

  • Lee Busch

    Further on this question: On the "Buy Now" page of this website, it says:

    Child boards:
    Boards can also be hierarchical, meaning that you can create child boards under main boards, effectively giving you sub-sub-forums.

    • Hi Lee

      1. The four sections are implemented using Boards
      2. Yes, you can have different roles permitted for different boards