Notification Delays




We initiated a post topic yesterday, but we never received a notification to the email indicated. Is there a lapse between the time a post is submitted to when it shows up in an email? If so, how long is it?

Our forum has been integrated into a website – do we not receive notifications if the person initiating the topic is also an administrator/editor on the website?

  • Gareth

    Hi Ana

    If you post a new topic, the admin won't necessarily get a notification. The reason for this is that some forums might have hundreds of new topics posted every day - and admins don't always want to see them. There should be a plugin that will enable admins to get notifications - maybe try I haven't tested this plugin though.


  • Ana Perez

    Hi Gareth,

    Thanks for your response. We have our settings so we can moderate (so get notifications and approve) all comments before being published. If I'm understanding this correctly, this setting doesn't apply to when someone starts a new topic?

    • Gareth

      Hi Ana - one way to get notifications on all new topics is to follow a board. If you follow a board, you'll get notifications for all new topics posted to that board.

  • Ana Perez

    Hi Gareth - do you know how long the delay is between someone starting a topic and getting a notification? I am following a board and I didn't get notified when someone started a new topic. It's been about 10 minutes and didn't get anything in my Spam email either.

      • Ana Perez

        The message went through. When I log into the site I see that the topic is on there as a draft. I just never received an email notification.

        • Gareth

          Yes - it might be worth installing an email log plugin temporarily to monitor if emails are getting sent (but they're not coming through).