[discussion_board] not working?



Hi there,

I have a Pro Licence and I have put the shortcode onto my “Board” page and set this page as my board page in the settings, but it’s not displaying my boards. There is at least 1 board for it to display.

Are you able to help me work out why the boards are not displaying?



    • Ryan Legge

      The site is a work in progress, but you can see it here >> https://jambegames.com/board/

      • Okay, I think I need a log-in to see what's happening. Can you email me directly on hello[at]pluginrepublic.com


          • Thanks for the link. Actually, you can't list all discussion boards with one shortcode. The shortcode you've added needs a board parameter to identify which board you're displaying, in this case:

            [discussion_board board=4]

            You can find out more about boards and shortcodes here: https://discussionboard.pro/boards-2/


  • Ryan Legge

    Hi Gareth,

    I have another issue. I noticed that my Subscriber users can see the "Add a new topic" link and my Administrators can't. Administrators can still add topics, etc. in the back office.

    I am quite certain I have not given permission for Subscribers to post topics, so not sure why the "Add a new topic" link is showing for them.


  • Ryan Legge

    Never mind, there is still an issue. So, I have my board set up so that Subscribers are Viewers i.e. can see the posts and add replies but they are not permitted to post no topics. However, the Subscribers can't reply to topics unless I have them enabled as "Posters".

    Just a little confused why Viewers say view and reply to posts and that the comments section doesn't appear unless they are a poster.

    • Hi - if you have permission to post, that means post a new topic or comment. If you only have permission to view, you don't have permission to post a new topic or comment.