Layout of Topics Screen on mobile phone



The Layout option of the wordpress which is available for normal post is not visible for the Topics in a discussion board. Because of which, I am unable to rearrange the sidebar and the Topics board. So what happens is, when you see the discussion board with topics screen, the sidebar (which contains my site registration form and some advertises) appear before the actual topic. I want the topic to be on the top and not my advertises from the left side bard. Can you please help me how to rearrange so that the topics appear before my sidebar widgets. Please help i will be grateful.

if you want to see what i am saying, you can register and go to the following screen from Mobile Phone (preferably a android)

  • Hi Amit

    This is a theme setting. You could try overriding the theme's layout for single topics pages by duplicating your single.php theme file and renaming it single-discussion-topics.php.