Installation Problem



When I activate Discussion Board, the DB Login Screen always pops up after the page on which we require homeowners to enter a password to access more restricted parts of the site.

York Condo West – Edina, MN

Protected: Owner_Pages


If I deactivate DB, the login screen no longer appears.  I am trying to have the DB Login Screen accessed only by the Forum page (which currently directs to a different page while I work this out).



  • Hi - the DB log-in page will just replace the default WP log-in screen. There's no way to use it selectively, i.e., just for the forum.

    • So - the solution would be for me to have those to whom I want to grant access to "condo owners only" pages use the DB login page for both the restricted pages and the DB forum and allow them to branch to one or the other after the login? The forum icon I put on the front page would go behind the "Owner Portal" and point to the forum and users could select that to post or another page (such as Board Minutes) if that is where they want to go? I would trash the original WP password screen.

      I will try this later today. I am also willing to send to the password (privately) if I still am stuck. Nothing on the site is really confidential. I restrict access simply because some homeowners are more comfortable with a little more privacy. I have to be offline for a few hours. Thank you.