Integrating Discussion Board with Elementor

Integrating WP Discussion Board with Elementor Page Builder

WordPress Discussion Board (WPDB) plugin allows you to create interactive forums on your WordPress website. While WPDB is compatible with most themes and plugins, including Elementor, there may be some considerations when using Elementor’s page templates. Here are the guidelines on how to integrate WP Discussion Board with Elementor.

Create a Distinct Header and Footer for Forum Posts

Elementor’s page templates often come with their own header and footer designs.

WP Discussion Board may not seamlessly integrate with these page builder template settings. To resolve this, create a distinct header and footer specifically for your forum post template. It ensures that the forum post template has a design that aligns with your discussion board’s purpose.

Check out these video guides for how to create a header and how to create a footer. Read more information on how to edit Header and Footer in Elementor from Elementor Blog.

Avoid Using the Full Site Template

It’s advisable not to use the full site template for your discussion board pages to maintain consistency and avoid conflicts with Elementor’s templates.

Additional Adjustments in Global Settings

After creating separate header and footer templates for forum posts, navigate to the global settings of WP Discussion Board. If needed, further customize settings such as user permissions, display options, and moderation controls to ensure it aligns with your website’s overall design.

Keep in Mind

The compatibility and integration between WP Discussion Board and Elementor may evolve with plugin updates. Always refer to the latest documentation and support resources for both plugins for the most up-to-date information on integration and compatibility.

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