Using WP Login for Discussion Board Pro



We just upgraded to Discussion Board Pro and enjoy the function and layout, however we are having a tough time getting the topic and board following working. We are utilizing an Active Directory plugin so utilizing the WP login is best for us. Even though users are registered with roles and they can post a topic or board they are not getting emails. Then when I try to redirect to the Discussion Board log in users that were created through the active directory plugin are not seen by Discussion Board as users even though they are in WP as users with roles. Any thoughts or setting I am missing?

  • Hi Zach - I don't think this is related to the log-in. But there may be a conflict with the Active Directory plugin. Have users selected the option to 'Follow' the topic?

    • Zach Neemann

      Gareth - The users have selected both "Follow" Topic and "Follow Board", but neither is providing email. It is strange that Both the AD plugin and Discussion board place users in the same place, but Discussion board is not pushing email notifications.

  • I would try installing a plugin like 'Email Log' to check that the emails are getting sent. It sounds like they might be getting filtered out by your users' email clients.

    • Zach Neemann

      Thank you Gareth. Late yesterday I was able to get it fixed by checking the email logs and installing a new SMTP plugin. Thanks for your support.