Upgrading from Free to Pro



Surprisingly, I’ve found it difficult to find documentation on upgrading from the standard, free version of Discussion Board to Discussion Board Pro. Would someone be able to provide me a link to best practices for this? We have purchased a license and currently have a site with live boards which need to be transferred over to the Pro version.


  • Gareth

    Hi Anna

    All you need to do is install the Pro version alongside the free one. That will enable all the Pro features.


  • Karin Remington

    This is a naive question, I know, but I'm used to managing the WP plugins through Wordpress, not with installation files.

    I do have server access and know linux, and I see where the free version plugin is on my bitnami server. But I haven't manually installed a WP plugin before. I am a Wordpress consumer, but have to also be the admin (that is, I use Google a lot).

    Does your comment above mean that if I just copy the upzipped Discussion-Pro directory into that bitnami WP directory - parallel to the existing wp-discussion-board directory - then all will magically work?