Trying to emulate the demo



Hello I am having some trouble creating my forum page to appear exactly like the demo screenshot included. I do not have the ability to add new topics and post features in my boards and in some instances it does not appear. My goal is to allow my boards to be visible to the public but reserve posting for subscribers. Any assistance is appreciated.


Boards Page



Current login page code





My current login page



What I would like to acheive


  • Update: I realized i did not add "boards" to my ID my apologies.

    My next issue is trying to figure out how to add the "add new topic" button to my boards and limit post and replies to my "General Discussion" board and not "News and Announcements". Thank you!

  • Hi Robin,

    Thank you for using WP Discussion Board!

    To limit the post and replies on a certain board, we can set the permissions to who can view or reply to the topics on specific board. We also have permitted viewer and poster roles. We can set it on the board's settings page.  You may refer to this documentation for more information

    Thank you, and please let me know if you have questions.