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I’ve made my multiple boards and users look perfectly fine – But I still have 1 problem.

The problem is when people write a new “topic and message” on boards, because when you enter ‘that specific topic’ thereafter, “the page of the topic (the problem)” looks very wrong (picture).

For example: On top of the page there is links to page which you should not enter and more things.

Do anyone know how to make the page look similar to boards page? And I use elementor.


  • Hey Nina,

    Thank you for using WP Discussion Board!
    Can you please share your website link to us? We will need to check it to assist you further.

    WP Discussion Board Support


  • Hi :)
    Thanks for answering / helping.

    This is board-link, that works:

    and this is a topic-link, that not work:

    And yes, I see the difference in the url, but do not know how to change the topic-appearance-of-page, so it match the boards.

  • Hey Nina,

    Thanks for sharing the link.

    I can see that the board/topics pages is not loading properly. Can you update the settings under design tab to the same settings on the screen capture below?

    Thanks and please let me know how it goes.


    WP Discussion Board Support

    • Hi once again – Now the last time and please ignore thise messages: "hi again, now..."

      I made a lot of changing on my site and forums, but I still seams to have two problems:

      1) I still see the wrong topics page
      – I see on those pages underneath, that you can add "filter hooks", but because I have no experience in coding and alike.
      – I would like to ask: if there are any other methods to change layout of "url/discussion-topics/" ?
      Page 1)
      Page 2)

      2) On the site "New topics" I can't choose boards – "select boards" ?

  • Hi Again.

    Now I think that I might have fixed it – both with your help, thank you very much :) and also few extra things.

    But if I may ask for help once more. Can I then ask:
    If you see both these pictures >
    > On picture 1) I am logged in as "admin-user" and are able to "add new topics".
    > On picture 2) I am logged in as "normal user on site" and are not apple to add new topics.

    Now my question is:
    Can I make normal users see the feature "add new button" too ?

  • Hey Nina,

    Yes, you can achieve that by updating the settings. Please navigate to Discussion Board > Settings > User tab. On the Permitted poster roles, please add the user roles. Please refer to the below screen capture for reference.


    Thank you,