Theme conflicts?



I am using Academica theme, and seem to be having a catalog of issues setting up the discussion boards correctly.

Among other things:

The archive title for a discussion board is neither the title of the board, nor the title specified in settings>general.

There is no new topic link on archive, despite it being set in settings>boards.

There are a number of other theme / formatting issue, but getting these sorted out would be a great start!


  • Hi

    If you switch themes to Twenty Sixteen do the problems persist?

    Please contact me direct on info(at) and I will take a look.


  • We fixed this by ensuring the 'Override theme template' option was selected in Discussion Board > Settings > Boards. This forces the plugin to use its own taxonomy.php template for boards rather than the theme's template.

  • Huge thanks to Gareth at Catapult for the support he has given to resolve the¬†issue. He has been helpful, patient and gone above and beyond to diagnose the problem with my theme. And I just want to add that the plugin itself is excellent, feature rich, simple to set up, and intuitive for users. I am even stretching the functionality to turn the boards into a form of private groups, using the permissions associated with my community member/profile system.