Strange field below discussion board



Hi WP Discussion Board

I really love your plugin, it’s great! I have a few little problems that I hope you can help me with.

  1. When someone visits my forum and has not registered yet, there is a field below my forum with: name, e-mail, website. How can I replace this with a link to the registry form? (see screen shot)
  2. Under the discussion topic, there is a line with some metadata that I would like to remove. I use the Classic Forum and can’t switch off the meta data for that type of forum. (see screen shot) Can you help me?

Other question: is adding a profile picture by users possible in the PRO version?

Kind regards

  • Matt

    Hi Marjolein,

    So glad to hear you love the plugin!

    The meta block and form fields are both being added to the forum by your WordPress theme. I don't have experience with the theme that you're using on your site, but some themes allow you to remove the meta fields and comment form from the settings or Customizer in WordPress. Could you check if your theme allows this?

    If not, you will need to create a custom single post WordPress template, and remove the parts which add the meta data and comment fields. This would require some PHP/WordPress development knowledge.

    With regards to profile images, they are currently supported via Gravatar in the free and Pro plugins. However, we're in the process of developing enhanced user profiles for the Pro version of the plugin which will include the ability for users to add profile images and a whole lot of additional new profile features too, like direct messaging and badges etc. This will all be released in the next 2-3 months.

    Hope this helps!