Shortcode Login doesn’t work :/



Hi everyone,

I want to try Discussion Board on my WordPress Website, and  shortcode doesn’t work. There’s nothing displayed.

You can see the relevant page here :

Someone can help me ?

Thx guys !

  • Hi ckvtdn

    Is this a support request? This site is just a demo for people to test the plugin out. If you need support, please email info[at] and we'll be happy to help.

    By the way, I just checked your page and I can see the form. Maybe you don't see it because you're already logged in? Try testing in an incognito browser window.

  • Oh, okay ! I thought I could ask for help here. I'm sorry.

    Last 2 questions then :

    Anyway, it was because i was logged in. But, then, i dont get it. Registered users on my website have to register one more time just for discussion board, right ?

    Is it possible to allows already registered users to see discussion board ?

  • No problem. You are welcome to ask for help.

    Users only need to register for your site once. If someone is already registered they should be able to use the Discussion Board.

  • Because if you are already logged in, you don't need to see a log-in form. If you log out, you should see the form.

    The shortcode allows you to display information to users if they are already logged in, e.g.:

    This is content for users who are logged in.