Shortcode Login doesn’t work :/



Hi everyone,

I want to try Discussion Board on my WordPress Website, and  shortcode doesn’t work. There’s nothing displayed.

You can see the relevant page here :

Someone can help me ?

Thx guys !

  • CatapultThemes

    Hi ckvtdn

    Is this a support request? This site is just a demo for people to test the plugin out. If you need support, please email info[at] and we'll be happy to help.

    By the way, I just checked your page and I can see the form. Maybe you don't see it because you're already logged in? Try testing in an incognito browser window.

  • Oh, okay ! I thought I could ask for help here. I'm sorry.

    Last 2 questions then :

    Anyway, it was because i was logged in. But, then, i dont get it. Registered users on my website have to register one more time just for discussion board, right ?

    Is it possible to allows already registered users to see discussion board ?

  • CatapultThemes

    No problem. You are welcome to ask for help.

    Users only need to register for your site once. If someone is already registered they should be able to use the Discussion Board.

  • CatapultThemes

    Because if you are already logged in, you don't need to see a log-in form. If you log out, you should see the form.

    The shortcode allows you to display information to users if they are already logged in, e.g.:

    This is content for users who are logged in.