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Is there search function where members can search topic that may have already been discussed in the forum?

I use divi theme, which has a search module, however I cannot make it search specifically to the forum pages only.

Could the be an option in the pro version?


  • Hi - it's a good idea and something I will eventually look to incorporate.

    However, for now, maybe you could use another plugin that searches for specific post types?

  • I also just came here looking for search functionality. I see this was discussed here:

    I would like to see it as well. If nothing else, put a box on the forum that does a search of the whole wordpress site.

  • Thanks. If you take a look on the sidebar of this page, you should see the Search widget, second widget down.


  • Oh yes, I saw it. I guess I should have been more clear. I am using the Singularity theme and the upgraded Discussion board and I dont have a search box in my forum anywhere like the one you have here:

    But I did add a search box to the footer and it does find forum posts. So good enough for now.

    And thank you for the prompt responses and excellent product.

  • Gareth, are you saying you have since added a Search box to the basic feature set of this forum plugin? Or that you came up with a custom solution for this site's sidebar that's not inbuilt? An answer here will help future customers choose your forum plugin. :-)

  • If there is no native search for WP Discussion Board, how would we constrain the wordpress search box to show only Board content? What post types or custom fields should we be searching within? thx

    • Hi @Lee Busch,

      We have recently acquired this plugin and the built-in search feature is in our list of features that we will work on in the next few months.

      You may need to filter the search to “Topic” post types.


      Thank you!

      Kind Regards,