Hello! I just purchased your forum…Here’s the issue and maybe you can help me out. My client has a Community website to view the actually community page they have ONE log in username and password.. They want to have a FORUM for one specific community. How would we go around using your forum?? any advice would be greatly appreciated. Hope how I explained it made sense.

  • Hi Sarah

    It's possible to do that (though there are obvious security issues about only having one log in). You should assign a specific role to the community user account then set the poster and viewer permissions to that role in Discussion Board > Settings > User tab.



    • So I understand that you have one WP account that you would like everyone to use to log in. You can restrict your community forum to that one user by assigning the user a unique user role. There's some useful background on user roles here -

      Once you've assigned the user role, go to Discussion Board > Boards and edit the board you've assigned to your community forum. There are two fields you'll need to edit: Permitted Poster Role and Permitted Viewer Role. To restrict this board to your single unique user, just set both these fields to the user role you assigned to your unique user.

      Hope this helps.