Pro plugin caused issues with my user roles and permissions



Where is your changelog for Discussion Board Pro? I think my recent update to 1.8.2 created a permissions issue with my intranet, causing all of my authors and editors NOT to be able to upload files other than jpgs and pngs or view media files other than their own (even when they are doing regular posts outside of your discussion board).

I traced the issue to your file class-ct-db-pro-uploader.php lines 75 ,100, 120 where you limit uploads to if( current_user_can( ‘manage_options’ ) )

I understand the logic here, but in my case I need my trusted authors and editors to be able to see all media and upload files. I changed the code to if( current_user_can( ‘publish_posts’ ) )

Can you update your code so it doesn’t mess with general WordPress user roles? Authors and editors should have this capability built in, but your code apparently removed it in my case.

I love your plugin, but this issue hurt my credibility with my clients when their capabilities went missing and they needed to share files. Fortunately, those capabilities are now restored but I don’t want them to go missing again with an update to this plugin.

Thanks for your insight and assistance.

  • Hi Julie

    You can find the changelog in the readme.txt file. It's in the main plugin folder. Version 1.8.2 was released in February this year. Have you only just updated the plugin?

    Nothing has changed in the uploader file that you refer to since version 1.5.3 and the lines that you've indicated grant permission to users who wouldn't normally be able to upload images.

    You also mention that users can't see images - is that correct?



  • Thanks Gareth. I'm not sure why the issue kicked in last week, but I didn't even install the plugin until May. My issue is fixed with my code updates, but somehow that code tied to user capability manage_options being necessary for file uploads and media access ended up blocking editors and authors (who can't manage options) from full access to the media library and also caused them not to be able to upload files. Maybe somehow your code is firing at a time that allows it to modify those user capabilities outside of the board because this issue was sitewide for them. Again, fixed by simply changing the qualifier from manage_options to publish_posts so that it does not modify authors and edits permissions.

  • Hi Julie

    I'm not sure why you would suddenly see this issue last week if the plugin has been installed since May. That makes me think that there might be another issue unrelated to the plugin - but hard to say.

    In any case, I'm going to change the capability from manage_options to upload_files. That will ensure that users with rights to upload files will always be able to upload files. That will be in the next release.