Permissions for Users With Multiple Roles Not Working



I am using the capability of assigning multiple roles to users on my site, with the User Role Editor and Multiple Roles plugins.

It would seem, however, that Discussion Board is only recognising the first set role in its permission giving at board level, despite having all the roles in the dropdown.

So, for instance, say I have a user with two roles, Subscriber and Training. I can set the board to permit Training role for posting, but the add new topic link does not appear. If I remove the Subscriber role, it does appear.

Please can you advise. This is something of an emergency situation for me!

  • Hi Phil

    I haven't tested this plugin with the others that you mention so it's possible that there's a compatibility issue. I appreciate that it's an emergency situation but I'm not able to look at this straightaway - though I will put it on the list.