No login widget, no freshness on topics, weird archive



Hi there,


I am having a list of problems after installing the plugin ūüôā


*I can’t find a login widget to add so users can login or register. I saw it on this website, so I’m confused.

*When I click on the category of a topic, I go to a normal post archive, rather than a board view

*The same happens when I implement a board, and I click on ‘see all topics’

*I cannot get Freshness to display on the topics summary (I want users to see when the last comment was placed on every topic in one view, like on this website)

Topic list is here:

Test board is here:

Please help ūüôā Thank you!




  • Catapult Themes

    Hi Sigrid

    Sorry to hear you're having some problems setting up.

    The log-in widget is actually just the standard log-in shortcode in a widget that will accept shortcodes, e.g. this one

    To display Boards, you have to add a shortcode. There's guidance here - - but please let me know if it's not clear.

    To set Freshness, go to Discussion Board > Settings > Pro tab. You'll see two options for setting time / freshness.

    Let me know if you need anything more



  • Found the¬†fix for freshness issue and adapted the short code!

    Still having issues with archives looking weird, and can't get short code to function within widget nor find a widget


  • Catapult Themes

    Topic categories will just display as archives, not as Boards. I would recommend not using categories with Boards if you don't want a default archive view. The Board should act as its own category/taxonomy.

    Did you install the plugin I suggested for Visual Editor? You can just insert the [[discussion_board_login_form]] shortcode.

  • Hey there! Yes, the plugin worked. Thank you!


    OK, clear, don't use categories with board. However, the 'See all posts' still gives weird  archive. Or do have I to remove the categories? Example:

    One other issue:
    The profile pages look horrible on my site :) They look better here. Something I can do to fix this?

    I was also wondering if these things are possible now or on the roadmap? :)

    -Users now have profiles but can't edit them. Any way to fix this? (For your info: The admin bar is disabled, and I cannot enable it. The plugin keeps the box checked no matter what I do. I 'd also prefer a front end solution rather than WP admin bar)

    -Any plans to make it possible to show who the last comment was posted by in the overview of topics? So Avatar - topic - author - freshness - latest comment by...   for example. That way, users can see more easily if they should go check out a topic for new content.

    -You can only return to the list of topics with the back button of the browser once on a topic. Any plans to add a bit more navigation within the plugin? On pages, I can add it myself, but not on automatically generated posts when someone adds a topic...


    Thx so much :)

  • Catapult Themes

    Sorry for the delay in responding - I missed the notification.

    I'll contact you directly about the profile page.

    The other items are all on the list for the future.