Leave a comment doesn’t work for subscriber



My Boards now appear to be working fine, but the subscriber role can view but not post comments.  The “Leave a comment” link is visible, but when clicked, it does not generate the Reply box.  I have checked and double-checked that all roles are highlighted to view and reply for the Boards.  This works fine for the author role.  And a couple of days ago it worked for the subscriber role as well.  I do not understand the second bullet below, which is all I could find in the documentation.

I know the first bullet is not applicable, and I have verified the settings both at the Board level and in the User category so the 3rd bullet should be fine.

Can’t reply to topics

There might be several reasons for this. When viewing a topic, the comment fields aren’t visible so it’s not possible to respond to the topic.

Possibilities include:

  • Your theme template doesn’t include comments. Try switching to a standard theme like Twenty Sixteen temporarily.
  • You have comments enabled. Go to Settings > Discussion to enable.
  • You have incorrect roles set for viewer / poster. Go to Discussion Board > Settings > User to ensure that users have the capability to view and post.