Is there a search box for the board?



I’ve been looking for a simple, clean board for a while and Discussion Board Pro is among the best I’ve seen. The only thing I don’t see is a search box. Is there search functionality built into the board? And if so, is it implemented by a short code? ~ Thanks!

  • Hi Blair - there's no search functionality within the plugin. I would recommend using either the default WordPress search or a more advanced search plugin. I believe there are some that would allow you to specify post type and/or taxonomy if you wanted to restrict your search to discussion topics only.

    Search is quite complicated functionality and I feel that it's covered well enough by other plugins without trying to incorporate it into this one.

    Hope that helps


    • Leon Calhoun

      I was set to buy developer version until I saw this post that there isn't a search function from within the forums/boards. It's critical for me that I have a search function specific to my forum only. Can you recommend a plugin that would accomplish this by any chance?

    • Jon Mathers

      In response to a question from 5 months ago, you stated there were no search plugins for DB. In the response in this string, made 4 months ago, it appears that you suggest that there are plugins that can be used for this purpose with DB. I'm confused. Can you clarify, please? Can you search by keyword in DB, or is there a plugin that will allow a search by keyword in DB?

  • Greg Trobaugh

    Well this answer and the fact that the documentation itself isn't searchable is a total deal breaker.

    Can't think of any reason a plugin for search wouldn't have been implemented here.

  • Lee Busch

    I'm confused because there is a Search box in this forum. Is the Search now an inbuilt feature or was it custom added?

  • Lee Busch

    Thank you. Did you do anything to constrain its results to just those from the forum discussions?