Incompatible Archive



Trying to upload free version to test, but I get “Incompatible Archive” error. Using Elementor Pro with Astra Theme.

  • Hi Craig,

    Thank you for using the WP Discussion Board. We're sorry you're experiencing this kind of issue.
    A free version of WPDB gives compatibility with 2 operating systems (Windows and MacOS)

    Please follow these steps to install WPDB to avoid experiencing "Incompatible Archive" issue:
    1. Download the WPDB free version here.
    2. Extract the zip file as a folder, e.g. WinRAR "Extract files to "wp-discussion-board.2.5.1\".
    3. After extracting the files, Open and right-click the folder, then "Compress to ZIP File" (wp-discussion-board for Windows, and MACOSX for MacOS).
    4. Install the newly compressed ZIP file on your website.

    I hope that helps. If you have any questions, please let us know.

  • I've got the same issue with a brand new PRO plugin. WP doesn't seem to pick up the plugin file at all if I move the directory up either.... thoughts?

  • The free version installed fine from the plugin market but no dice on the pro version just spits out Incompaitable Archive. I tried unzipping and putting the following files into a new zip to no success.