Hiding profile edit link after login, and other board question



Hi everyone,

I got my board issue fixed, but now that I solved the issue, which was the plugin “WP-Simple-Membership), a link to edit the profile for the user who is logged in now shows up after logging into the discussion board, but I do not want that to show. How do I hide this so users have to request to edit their profile? Also, how do I change the board layout so it is a drop-down instead of a heading or link for each one? Basically, the same or similar layout as on here.

  • Hi Fabien,

    From the settings > profiles, you may disable the profile URL or the profile itself.

    In connection to board layout, having a drop-down layout feature is in our list for our developer to consider in our next upgrade. An alternative to it is making a navigation menu and then call this menu on the page you wish the boards drop-down list to be displayed.

    I hope that helps. I'm standing by if I can be helpful.