General Questions




I am very interested in this plugin for my website, but I have a few questions to make sure it is right for me.

  1. Can I create different boards for the different products I offer?
  2. Can answers provided by an admin for my website be color coded or be differentiated somehow from the other replies?
  3. If I already have a user login section on my website so I have to use the login page that comes with the plugin?

Thank you!

  • Hi Betty

    Thanks for your questions. Here are some answers:

    1. Yes, you can create boards for whatever you like.
    2. This is a really good idea and I will add some additional classes to topics and comments that will allow you to color code in this way.
    3. You can use your existing log-in page, or you can use the plugin's log-in page. It's entirely up to you.

    Thanks again. Please let me know if you need anything else.


  • Actually - I just took a look and there are already classes that you can use to target users. I've added a green border to my profile image as an example.

    • Betty Gallaher

      Is there a class available if I would like to change the background color of the replies left by my admins in addition to the boarder color around their profile image?

  • Betty Gallaher

    It looks like the green border is being applied to all of the comments on this thread, would I be able to make it specific to the admins for my page that way they stand out against the public posts?

    I'm sorry for all of the questions, I just want to be sure I am understanding everything correctly.