Editing Profiles, and a few other questions for pro



  1. Can the user edit profiles on front-end? I assume these are just based on regular WP user records?
  2. Your ‘singularity’ theme says it’s ready to go with DBP – is it completely ready for all elements, no need for modifying any wrappers, etc?
  3. Your feature lists mentions “User permissions at board level” – is this only per-topic (ie, board is visible to all, but replies are locked for certain roles), or is it also per-board (ie, hide a board completely from a role)?

Thanks, this is a great looking product.

    • Hi

      Thanks for your questions:

      1. Not currently but this is very much in my plans. Yes, just based on standard WP users - so still editable from the user's WP profile page.
      2. Yes, you should be able to activate the plugin and just get started.
      3. User permissions at board mean you can set different permissions by board rather than by topic.
      4. Admins can edit their own topics and replies.
      5. No - but there may well be a plugin out there that will allow you to do this.