Change Time Super Hero Slider




the change time from Slider one to Slider  two is to fast. How can i change it, so that it is more smooth.


Thanks in adavance!


  • Hi Marc - strictly speaking this site is just for the Discussion Board plugin, but I'm happy to answer your question here. To change the slide duration, update the Slide Duration setting in your Slider. E.g. change to 10000 for a 10 second delay before the next slide transition. Gareth

  • Marc Muller

    Hi Gareth,


    many thanks for your fast replay and sorry for the wrong discussion board.

    I dont mean the change time when the next slider transistation start. I mean the fading time - the process of slider change.

    Thank you!

  • Marc Muller

    Ah okay. I bought now the Pro Versions. How can i intergrate the Plugin without lost all of my configuration i have done for a while?


  • Thanks for the purchase. You just need to install and activate the Pro version. Don't deactivate the free version - they work together. All your configurations should be saved.