Can my logged in users use the discussion board without having to register for the discussion board separately?



Wondering whether I have to ask my logged in members to re-register to use the discussion board?

Ideally, i want to restrict access to different topics based on memberium memberships / tags, and not have to ask people to register again for the discussion board.  Is this possible?

  • Matt

    Hi Samantha,

    No, they will only need to register once. The plugin works well with other membership plugins for example, which create users who are then able to use the forums based on their membership level. The permissions can be set on a global level or board level, but not on and individual topic level.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.


  • Hi Matt, OK, so I can restrict access to certain boards using memberium tags.... but I still have to register people into the Discussion Board (rather than using their existing WP registration)?