Breadcrumb Issue




I’ve just implemented the discussion board plugin on a client’s website.

While it works great, there seem to be some key customization options that the free version does not have as well as a few bugs.

For instance, in the settings page, “Discussion Topics Page:” is set to “Community

On this community page, you can see the as well as create a new post button. The breadcrumbs here are home >> community

Selecting a topic should take you to home >> community >> topic-title

The problem is when you select a topic to view, it takes you to a new page “discussion-topics/topic-title” with

the breadcrumbs on that page being home >> topic >> topic title

The page “topics” leads you to a different page with the slug “/discussion-topics/” and on this page is a default¬†forum with the SAME except this page cannot be edited…

My only fix is to disable breadcrumbs to not mislead visitors but breadcrumbs are such an important function of any webpage.

Is there a fix to this on the paid version?


  • Matt

    Hi Gil,

    In the Pro version of the plugin, you are given the option to choose what you would like to have displayed in the breadcrumb (topics archive, a board or the custom forum page). The free version links back to the topic archive page as the first crumb.