And what if I do not want to give users ability to post topics in certain categories?



Editor is a good thing.

Question is, can I use it with Oxygen Builder, and is there an option to alter output by custom fields?

  • Matt

    Hi Max,

    Thanks for your questions. I'll try answer them all below:

    1. Oxygen builder - I've not personally used or tested Oxygen builder, but our plugin is compatible with most page builders like Elementor, Beaver etc. So I'm sure it will work with Oxygen. I'd recommend installing to free version to test.

    2. Yes, media is using the standard WP media library

    3. Replies go as many levels as your theme allows

    4. Customisations can be done through WP filters/actions and our own plugin filters/actions

    5. Languages - our plugin ships with the ability to translate any string. This works for single language sites. Dual language is a lot more complex as topics will generally only be in a single language

    6. If you wanted to upgrade to unlimited from basic, I can give you a coupon to offset the difference.