Admin approvals for new registrations



I am having a hard time implementing the admin approval feature. I have the pro version ($49 option) and can’t find the option in the settings to turn on the admin approval for new registrations. Can you direct me to the right location?

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    Kristy Speciale

    The solution you provided isn't quite what I am looking for.
    The solution you provided essentially directed me to the following "require account activation" setting in your documentation here,

    What I am looking for is the feature that you list on the bottom of the home page,
    "Admin approvals for new registrations"
    The admin approvals feature allows you to decide who can join your discussion board. When a new user registers for your site, you’ll receive an email with the user’s details and a link to approve the registration. If you decide not to approve the user, they won’t be able to post.


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