Open Forum / How Can Anyone View The Forum?



Hi there! I have installed Discussion Board, and read your manual regarding the “user” settings tab. I would like the forum to be visible to everyone who visits the site. According to the manual, I would need to have none of the “permitted viewer roles” selected in order for everyone who visits the website to view the forum. However, that’s not possible. Under user settings, it seems there must be at least one permitted viewer selected. How can I go about this? In addition, is there no way to get around requiring posters to register? Thanks in advance!

  • Matt

    Hi Kristin,

    For everyone to be able to view, you need to deselect all the roles in the interface. If you're on Mac, you can press Command and click the user role that is selected to unselect it. If you're on Windows, you can press Control and click.

    I hope this helps,