How big can you go?



I’ve downloaded and installed the free version and am trying to see if it will meet our needs. We have a (now all-virtual) senior college with 14 courses starting a semester shortly. Each class has up to 25 or so students and a web page where the syllabus is posted and sometimes links to youtubes or other articles, etc. We’d like to have a simple discussion board (SENIOR college, remember) for each class.  I assume I can make 14 topics for the 14 courses, but then how do we make sub-topics? And how do we restrict the students in Class A to just the forum for that class?

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    Hi Clare,

    For this, I recommend that you create boards. Each board would represent a class, and topics can be filed under that class board. Each board can have different permission levels. So if you have a WordPress user group for each class group, you can allow just the users in that group to have access to the specific board for the class.



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