Discussion Board 2.0.0



The free version of Discussion Board is available shortly from your dashboard. Key improvements include:

  • Automatic set-up: on installation, the plugin will create pages and insert content automatically so that your Discussion Board is up and running immediately. Existing users won’t be affected by this.
  • Theme detection: although we recommend using your theme’s templates to display topics (the default setting), the plugin will now automatically detect your theme and update the wrappers on non-default templates. This will help Pro users in particular who are taking advantage of the Boards feature. We currently have support for around 10 of the most popular themes and will add more. Let us know if you have any special requests.
  • Settings: all settings and topics are now in one main menu item – Discussion Board – situated under the Comments menu item in your dashboard left-hand menu. We’ve moved everything here so that all DB settings are in one place. Apologies to anyone who preferred the old set-up of having Topics listed as post types and settings in the Settings sub-menu – it just feels neater this way.

Any questions, please comment below.