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Hi there!

I’m looking at buying the Pro unlimited version, and have a question about setting up access permissions by boards. If I have, say three boards – one general, one for people in working in department A, and one for people working in department B, would it be possible to set up the boards that way? The general board could be used by both groups, the second board just by dept A, and the third board just by dept B?

I’m unclear on how the permissions are assigned.


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    Thanks Trevor. Permissions are assigned by roles so if people working in Dept A had a different user role from people working in Dept B, you could set up the boards as you like.

    There are several plugins that help with assigning roles, e.g.:



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    Trevor Tymchuk

    Hi Gareth!

    Thanks for the ultra-fast reply! I'll check out the links you listed. I really appreciate it. Your plugin looks great. Looking forward to using it!

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    Lee Busch

    I wish there was a way to "Like" posts in a board.
    Because this answer was very helpful!
    I wanted to "Like" it. :-)